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I recently graduated from university where I studied English & film. My dream is to be a television and/or film critic but I'm currently working in retail hell.

I love literature (particularly the sci-fi/fantasy or dystopian kind).


I watch a truly impressive/possibly disgusting amount of Television and Film.

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Let's talk about makeup or film or television or musicals or cats (I have 4) or books or writing or favourite foods or problems or wishes or anything.


My textposts, review blog and reblogged fanart and music.


- this is my first time editing a video so please forgive the jolts/choppy edits and general low quality. It was fun though and I definitely want to make lots more!

ASOIAF fan theories: Cleganebowl (1/?)

'It is largely believed that Ser Robert Strong, the mysterious and silent knight who is the newest member of the Kingsguard, is actually the reanimated corpse of Ser Gregor Clegane. He will be Cersei's champion in her upcoming trial against the Faith. A less likely but still popular theory is that the large gravedigger on the Quiet Isle is actually Sandor Clegane, who abandoned his persona as the “Hound” to live a new life. The Cleganebowl theory states that Sandor will be chosen as the Faith's champion in their trial, and therefore finally have the opportunity to fight his brother, Gregor'.
(via Darkling33)

gods of asoiaf

Detail in Hannibal: cuisine

A Song of Ice and Fire

Lyanka Gryu: Irene Adler in the 2013 Russian Sherlock Holmes television series.

"It was all the same dream, a dream you had inside a locked room, a dream about being a person. And like a lot of dreams…there’s a monster at the end of it."

Caps collection - True Detective - Episode 1

why isn’t everybody watching this show