Juliette - 21 - Sassenach

I recently graduated from university where I studied English & film. My dream is to be a television and/or film critic but I'm currently working in retail hell.

I love literature (particularly the sci-fi/fantasy or dystopian kind).


I watch a truly impressive/possibly disgusting amount of Television and Film.

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I'm so lonely

Let's talk about makeup or film or television or musicals or cats (I have 4) or books or writing or favourite foods or problems or wishes or anything.


My textposts, review blog and reblogged fanart and music.


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brolin week 2: day 3 similarities and differences

One is blond and one is dark, I think they play off of each other really well. - Richard Wilson [x]
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14/100: Merlin Cast

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He’s gonna burn. [x]


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