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I recently graduated from university where I studied English & film. My dream is to be a television and/or film critic but I'm currently working in retail hell.

I love literature (particularly the sci-fi/fantasy or dystopian kind).


I watch a truly impressive/possibly disgusting amount of Television and Film.

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I'm so lonely

Let's talk about makeup or film or television or musicals or cats (I have 4) or books or writing or favourite foods or problems or wishes or anything.


My textposts, review blog and reblogged fanart and music.


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The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool. - Philip Seymour Hoffman 

July 23 1967 - February 2 2014

Game of Thrones Tumblr Awards: Best Non-POV Actor Nominee - Richard Madden as Robb Stark


HOUSE GREYJOY MEME: [2/5] Greyjoy Characters: Theon Greyjoy

↳ “Her mouth pursed. “He is not what I expected.” “He is what we have.” “What did your bastard do to him?” “Removed some skin, I would imagine. A few small parts. Nothing too essential.” “Is he mad?”

“He may be. Does it matter?”Reek could hear no more. “Please, m’lord, m’lady, there’s been some mistake.” He fell to his knees, trembling like a leaf in a winter storm, tears streaming down his ravaged cheeks. “I’m not him, I’m not the turncloak, he died at Winterfell. My name is Reek.” He had to remember his name. “It rhymes with freak.”

See, I was dead when I woke this morning...

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He remembered Robb as he had last seen him, standing in the yard with snow melting in his auburn hair. Jon would have to come to him in secret, disguised. He tried to imagine the look on Robb’s face when he revealed himself. His brother would shake his head and smile, and he’d say.. he’d say..”

i still can’t get over how ridiculously beautiful jenna louse coleman is

Today I cried in a bridal shop

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