Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For you are there with me.

For Tasha (As a reward for studying)

srsly though has there or will there ever be anyone more beautiful than catherine zeta jones in zorro


Claude Monet, Water Lilies (detail)

Vincent van Gogh, Irises

just got home from seeing Billy Elliot: The Musical streamed to my cinema
it was so fucking good and I cried forever

Meanwhile, the trees were just as green as before; the birds sang and the sun shone as clearly now as ever. The familiar surroundings had not darkened because of her grief, nor sickened because of her pain. She might have seen that what had bowed her head so profoundly -the thought of the world’s concern at her situation- was found on an illusion. She was not an existence, an experience, a passion, a structure of sensations, to anybody but herself.

Allison, I love you.

Is she okay? Is Lydia safe?

Disney Scenery Porn ⌘ Cinderella (part 1)

hour 2 of being on tumblr:
okay i give in i’ll watch how to get away with murder


Pulp Fiction by Peter Strain


Pulp Fiction by Peter Strain

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